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70+ Versatile Free Sections

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5 Stars

This app deserves the "Life Saving Award"! I can't believe it. Apps with 5k+ ratings always left me disappointed, and now I came across this free app after struggling around. I can't find words to express the joy I am feeling right now, especially because it's free! It doesn't even affect my page loading times, even after implementing a variety of sections and video. I literally can't thank you enough!

– Best of Heaven's

The only design tool you need

🎨 Fuel your creativity with our beautifully designed, ready-to-go sections.

  • Beautiful Section Library
  • Robust Configurations
  • Quickly add to any page

5 Stars

Found this app via developers Twitter, bookmarked it and installed the next morning. It's a very simple fluid app, friendly to all levels and the pre-built themes are very appealing. Shopify needs more developers, like Matt, who understands that Shop owner's don't always have the opportunity to purchase apps and subscriptions. Thank you, for making this free - as I personally grow more comfortable I will more than likely purchase premium!

– Erie & Creek Tackle

Pro Designed Section Library

🚀 Get started fast with our beautifully designed section library.

  • Ready to go sections
  • Beautifully designed
  • Works on any device
  • Metaobject ready!

5 Stars

WOOW, what an app. Everything you need is available on this app, and, not least, everything is free. I even managed to get help by editing a section. Very kind and helpful.

– Spires

Simple Publishing

🚀 Sections Pro is built to work with the Theme Customizer that is built into Shopify. So, publishing is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  • Add with a single click
  • No code needed
  • Customize within Shopify

5 Stars

This app is wonderful. It's even compatible with metaobjects. I highly recommend it!!!

– E-Compritas